At 50°North Ventures, we are strong believers in the role that science and innovation can play in solving the problems of both today and tomorrow. We live by our vision by supporting early-stage tech entrepreneurs in achieving their goals of building for the future.

Our team provides innovators with more than just funding and guidance. We operate locally while working actively across two continents to maximize potential global reach for our local entrepreneurs.

We work hard at making our shared vision a reality. What is more, our own investors bring life to these disruptive startups and help to make them financial successes for a better world.
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Fostering Innovation.

We live in a world where innovation is mainly driven by agile and nimble startups who dare to disrupt their markets and take necessary risks to make change happen. The new technologies and products they develop revolutionize our communities - creating jobs and improving quality of life. At 50°North Ventures, we embrace this approach by financing and supporting ambitious tech entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurs come to us because of our broad offering for early stage ventures. We understand that growth is complex and multi-faceted. From product development to market expansion, we support entrepreneurs on all dimensions of their businesses.

For promising, but still immature startups, we have a dedicated trajectory to seed financing. Our own thematic incubators help them to develop their idea into a viable project and form a stepping stone to our further stages of financial and strategic support.  

Investors support our funds, eager to help create the companies of the future. They have access to a broad, diversified pipeline, in which they can invest directly - or via our funds, and which have undergone rigorous selection. They have trust in our capacity to generate value in the challenging world of early stage investment.

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Our presence on two continents gives golden opportunities in terms of networking and market exposure. With our multidisciplinary team located in Montreal and Brussels, we provide avenues for growth and market expansions.  

We deliver on our promise because we are a strong team, with a nimble way of working. 50°North Ventures is  forward-thinking, and firm on vision and values. We work hard to inspire and support truly talented individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and innovators. What’s more, we celebrate our successes - while embracing our failures to learn from them.  

We work with passion and enthusiasm - and moreover, we work with a core of fun and creativity. The world’s challenges need problem-solvers who are willing to work from some of the most daring, exciting, and disruptive angles.

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Going the extra mile

50°North Ventures is committed to the success of our partners. Be they entrepreneurs, limited partners or venture partners, we thrive on enabling success and delivering upon our ambitions. We are committed, relentless, and won’t let you down.

Striving for clarity

50°North Ventures believes clarity and trustworthiness are virtues. Committing to a partnership requires clear communication and joint planning. We, therefore, provide our partners and investors with an open, honest service - loyal to your cause and to your long-term vision.

Thriving on Disruption and Innovation.

50°North Ventures is passionate about forward thinking innovations and providing fantastic opportunities to genuine entrepreneurs and investors. We’re unafraid to explore opportunities, avenues and strategies to help talented entrepreneurs break the mold.